Press release: Bosta supports the Belgian governments and their 2020 goals

During the recent CSR congress in Antwerp the government reaffirmed its ambitions to make its purchases 100% sustainable by the year 2020.

Bosta, the trade federation of the manufacturers and distributors of Office, School, and Stationery products and Office Organization Tools, takes up the gauntlet to help the government achieve those goals.

Finding truly sustainable products is easier said than done. Which is why Bosta has created a website where manufacturers can showcase products which are truly sustainable. To determine eligibility, only those products which carry one or more certificates issued by independent organizations are allowed on the website. Only certificates validated by the government are acceptable.

You should consider two things in the race towards 2020:

1) If you really take CSR and sustainability to heart, check for Office, School, and Stationery products and Office Organization Tools. The website also enables you to view and download all certificates. It currently showcases about 600 products by some 20 manufacturers.

2) Not all product groups are currently represented. We would like to appeal to the manufacturers of labels, glue and glue sticks, adhesive tape, office machines, greeting cards and stamps, specifically, to propose any relevant certificates and products. Bosta will then consult with the government and, if they are recognized as truly sustainable, publish them on the website.

We are committed to a Corporately Responsible 2020 with products that are 100% sustainable. Better for us, our planet and our children.

Bosta, Wemmel, June  2015